Personalized supplementation, vitamins, cannabis products, and probiotics.

Your Avo Profile

Your wellness profile and relationship with food is your Avo Profile. WE know that healthy living is about more than just FOOD. It's about fresh and healthy supplementation and probiotics! 

Avocado is your personalized healthy living solution

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Avocado is your personalized wellness solution.

Avocado uses AI and Predictive analysis to find the right supplementation for your personalized health and wellness..

Personalized Healthy Living

We know the ingredients in the products you use are important to you. That's why you can get info about products, track your daily intake, and keep a digital journal about your wellness journey.

Advanced Technology

Supplement Matchmaker

Avocado uses AI and Predictive analysis to match your profile to fresh healthy food based supplements that work for you! And we know you change! You can explore Avocado by changing your profile or chatting with an expert.

Change your life by exploring healthy supplementation!

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Accurate Tracking

Avo Health Tracker

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